After all the hard work you’ve put into your book, you can publish it yourself and have the pleasure of seeing a tangible result of your efforts. Artists hang their pictures on the wall or give their paintings to friends, even though they may not be a Picasso. We believe that good writers abound and not all of them are lucky enough to procure a lucrative publishing contract.

Your book may be on a subject that does not appeal to a vast market. Publishers are loath to take on niche books unless they’re by someone famous.

Your book can be produced in small numbers – this has several advantages:

  • If your book has limited appeal – the history of an organization, your family history, a small niche market – you can produce enough to meet that demand. A publisher is only interested in books that can sell 1000s
  • You can produce a small run of books to be used for promotion purposes – that elusive publishing contract may still come your way.
  • The market can be tested by distributing your books and getting feedback.
  • Promoting and selling the book yourself can generate a profit fairly easily, without risking a huge outlay on 100s of books.
  • Mistakes can be corrected, and alterations can be made, in the next run – saves you ending up with 100s of books that are not right, or that you are not happy with.
  • Your book can be printed and ‘out there’ within a number of weeks. Publishing houses can take up to two years to get their authors’ books on the shelves.

Interested? Contact Helen at for more information on how to get your book into print.

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